Baby in Hospital

Changing Lives one Baby Blanket at a time

Team Cutting BlanketsRecipient of our Blanket DriveNuAngle has always believed in family – with our team being central to that family. In June 2019, one of our ‘family’ members reached out to us. One of our team members let us know of a situation at the Klerksdorp hospital, which needed our family to rally to help other families.

The heating system in the neo-natal ward of the hospital in question had broken, and all the brand-new lives were subject to the cold – with only a thin sheet for protection. Everyone agreed, we had to get involved and see if we could make a difference in the lives of this fragile new babies.

Our team and the company came together to source or make blankets. We put the call out across the company, locally and regionally and the response left our hearts full of warm fuzzy (pun-intended) feelings.

In total, we managed to put together over 200 blankets and we also had donations of socks and beanies to assist in keeping the babies of Klerksdorp warm. We were so happy to hear that our contribution made a difference to these little lives and the lives of their families.

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