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So many factors and elements have an impact on our skin.  Seasons that reach all extremes, harsh sunlight for most part of the year, ageing, what we eat or don’t eat – the list is endless.  Busy lifestyles mean that we often don’t make the time to treat our skin as well as we ought to.  Luckily, today’s aesthetic industry has copious options to consider in rejuvenating and refreshing your skin, and even more so, to enhance its overall level of health.  Combination treatments have become extremely popular, as these help address multiple skin concerns in one sitting, and also help to reinforce better and lasting results.

Combinations in skin rejuvenation

We no longer have to settle for dull- looking, sun damaged or ageing skin, nor settle for red, inflamed skin following a rejuvenation treatment.  Now, we have the option for a fantastic combination treatment of ZO® Skin Health’s Invisapeel used with Colorescience’s Finishing Touch Protocol.  Together, these two treatments ensure epidermal renewal followed by enhancing and protecting your overall skin results post-treatment.

ZO® Invisapeel for smoother, healthier skin

ZO® Skin Health continues to pioneer skin treatments that promote optimal skin health.  One of its signature treatments to rejuvenate the skin is the Invisapeel product, which is a unique, enzymatic at-home resurfacing peel that smooths uneven and rough-textured skin. This peel uses ingredients that provide enzymatic and chemical exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and provide cellular turnover.  Added to this, the formulation includes various oils that replenish hydration and lipids for skin barrier restoration and reinforcement.

The Invisapeel, which is suitable for all skin types (even sensitive ones), should be applied after cleansing and lightly massaged into the skin for about 5 to 10 minutes.  It should then be left on the skin for another 15 to 20 minutes and then removed thoroughly.  Invisapeel can be used 2 to 3 times per week and ultimately assists the stabilisation of the epidermis and skin barrier function.

Finishing Touch Protocol

Colorescience® has taken skin protection and renewal another step further by developing a Finishing Touch Protocol which is an application of various Colorescience® products that are perfectly suited for post-treatment protection.  This protocol can be used after facials, microdermabrasion, injectable treatments and, of course, after peels such as the Invisapeel.

Customised products

All products that are usually included in the Finishing Touch Protocol provide broad spectrum, chemical-free, and all-mineral UVA/UVB protection. The Sunforgettable® Total Protection Brush-On Shield SPF 30 is designed with EnviroScreen Technology which provides protection from aggressors such as UVA/UVB, pollution, blue light (HEV) and infrared radiation. Also inevitably included is Even Up Clinical Pigment Perfector®, Mineral Corrector Palette SPF 20, and Lip Shine SPF 35.  The products provide natural-looking coverage and colour correction for redness or hyperpigmentation and can be customised to your specific skin concerns.

By choosing combination treatments such as the ZO® Invisapeel and the Colorescience® Finishing Touch Protocol, you are assured of skin treatments that have been scientifically proven to be effective and healthy, while getting immediate post-treatment correction with products that support and reinforce your desired results.  Enriched skin health right there!


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