Melanoma and photoaging related skin problems are preventable. By applying sun protection religiously and staying out of the sun during the peak hours of UV rays, you can protect your skin, health and bank account. Many of the skin concerns people have today are the result of too much time in the sun without proper protection. And don’t think just because you have a darker tone or tougher skin that you are safe or exempt from using sunscreen. 

Here are our top five sun smart tips for the summer season: 

1. Apply Before Hitting the Beach or Pool 

Tired of returning from the pool looking as if a toddler applied your sunscreen? One easy way to avoid sunburn mishaps is to apply your first layer of sun protection before you get dressed. Take your time and be sure to get all those areas that we usually forget about, like the skin under the bum and arms, love handles, behind the knees and ears. And take extra care to reapply sunscreen after you’ve taken a swim. The ZO® Skin Health Daily Sheer SPF 30 is suitable for both your face and body and offers broad-spectrum UV protection.

2. Layer Your Antioxidants Under Your Sunscreen

Applying a layer of antioxidants under your sunscreen can help to protect your skin from UV damage. Antioxidants counteract the harmful effect of UV rays by absorbing free radicals and protecting our DNA. The ZO® Skin Health 10% Vitamin C Self-Activating Serum provides a potent dose of vitamin C that brightens and protects the skin against hyperpigmentation and collagen break down, which are symptoms of sun damage. 

3. The Power of Powder

Creamy sunscreen formulations are not always the easiest to apply, especially when you are at the beach or the kids are running around. That’s why we love the Colorescience® Sunforgettable® Total Protection Brush-on Mineral Sunscreen SPF50. This mineral powder sunscreen is the perfect touch-up alternative over your make-up and it will address oiliness as well as offer added SPF50 protection. 

4. Be Proactive 

Don’t let the dark hours go to waste. Your night-time routine is the perfect opportunity to treat your skin and let it soak up all the goodness of a targeted skin serum such as the ZO® Daily Power Defense. It contains Vitamin E, ceramides, Matrixyl and a host of other repairing and soothing ingredients to improve the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles and promote overall skin health – ideal after a long day spent in the sun.

5. Stash Sunscreen EVERYWHERE

The only way to guarantee that you’re always protected is by having sunscreen with you everywhere you go. If you’re always on the go it’s best to have different tubes of sunscreen in your purse, by the front door, in the garage and in your beach or pool bag. Though, it’s best not to leave your sunscreen in the car as the heat can impact the effectiveness of your sunscreen. Try Colorescience® Sunforgettable® Total Protection Body Shield SPF 50 and the Colorescience® Sunforgettable® Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 or the ZO® Skin Health Smart Tone SPF50 for your face. 

You can buy Colorescience® online or find your nearest ZO® Skin Health stockist, on Dermaguru.










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