Is your doctor injecting quality prp


Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, has taken the skin rejuvenation world by storm. PRP is extracted from the blood taken from a patient, which is then put into a centrifuge to separate the plasma from other blood elements. The PRP, which consists of a high concentration of one’s own growth factors, is then injected into the targeted area of the skin and stimulates the production of new collagen. While the benefits of this treatment are remarkable, it is critical to properly question your doctor on the procedure and everything that you need to know about it. It is vital that you ask all the right questions.

What are growth factors and what purpose do they serve?

Growth factors exist inside the platelets of your blood – a high concentration of these platelets in blood plasma is known as Platelet Rich Plasma. The growth factors attract stem cells locally and are vital in the regeneration and healing processes in the body. The epidermal growth factor stimulates the production of new collagen while the vascular endothelial growth factor stimulates the production of new blood vessels.

How are growth factors released from platelets?

Your body has its own activation mechanisms which stimulate the release of growth factors from your platelets. While this can be done externally, it is always best and more natural to rely on patients’ own activation.

What makes Arthrex ACP® Platelet-Rich Plasma better than other forms of PRP?

Arthrex ACP has a 2.5-fold platelet concentration with a lower concentration of white and red blood cells for maximum effect. This means that its concentration of platelets has the strongest cell proliferation and stimulation of hyaluronic acid synthesis. In addition, the lower concentrations of white and red blood cells also imply lower chances and risk of inflammation or discolouration of the plasma.

But what does this mean for my skin rejuvenation?

According to studies, optimising the composition and use of PRP is crucial to enhancing the therapeutic potential of this technology. The better the quality of PRP, the better the results from this treatment. Arthrex ACP® stimulates the removal of photodamaged cells, while also inducing the synthesis of collagen and the body’s own hyaluronic acid. This results in an increase in dermal elasticity and skin volume. The PRP is thus able to tighten and thicken the dermis and is thus extremely effective for under-eye rejuvenation treatments.

Must Arthrex ACP® be used in isolation?

Combination treatments with Arthrex ACP® and medical needling treatments have been proven to provide better cosmetic outcomes, both enhancing one another’s benefits. Arthrex ACP® can also be used with local treatments such as botulinum toxin injectables, dermal fillers and threading, chemical peels and hair transplants.  Furthermore, it is also a complement to treatments using radiofrequency lasers.

What else makes Arthrex ACP® superior?

No anticoagulant is required in preparing Arthrex ACP® Platelet-Rich Plasma due to the soft and slow centrifugation of the specialized ACP tube in the Arthrex system. Due to no anticoagulant, you will feel much less injection pain. You are also able to receive more plasma output from the Arthrex ACP® tube which holds 5ml to 6ml as opposed to other regular centrifugation tubes which only hold 4ml to 5ml. Arthrex ACP® has been in the aesthetic market for over ten years and there is no PRP system that is better scientifically proven.

Look no further for your quality PRP treatment – Arthrex personalized cell therapy is the superior choice.

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