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Liposuction in 2019 is vastly different from 10 years ago, and its popularity is still growing worldwide. Body contouring procedures have again taken three of the top five spots as indicated in recent figures from the 2018 ASAPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) survey; liposuction was the most common surgical procedure, second only to breast augmentation with patients spending billions of dollars on this cosmetic operation.

For many patients fighting fat cells can feel like an endless battle against the bulge. You diet, you exercise, but to no avail as those saddlebags, love handles, and tummy pouches, have set up permanent residence. Liposuction, developed in the 1980s is a procedure that has evolved with newer techniques and equipment, allowing liposuction to be performed more safely with better results. Often, patients who have benefitted from body contouring surgery look better, feel better, exercise better, eat better, look better and ultimately look better thus entering a cycle of virtuosity.

The tumescent liposuction technique involves injecting a special solution into the designated fatty area after which special thin cannulas are inserted through a small incision to remove precise amounts of fatty tissue in specific areas to enhance body contour and shape in a minimally invasive surgical manner.

The Surgery

Depending on which areas need treatment, the operation can be performed using either local anaesthetic and sedation or general anaesthesia.

At Precision Aesthetics we use the SAFELipo® technique to remove extra fat evenly and gently in a 3-step S-A-FE process, consisting of:

1. Separation
2. Aspiration
3. Fat Equalization.

A specially designed “exploded” tip cannula is used for Fat Separation and Equalization. The Aspiration of the separated fat is performed quickly and gently, with a smaller cannula designed to remove this now “liquefied” fat. Fragile blood vessels and nerves are minimally harmed.

The final step in SAFELipo®, Fat Equalization, is done after fat removal. This critical step ensures a very even look by levelling the remaining thin layer of fat below the skin. Fat equalization avoids a “wavy,” rippled, lumpy, or unnatural appearance of the skin, and gives a smooth natural result.
Incisions heal quickly, and patients are back to normal after only a few days. Discomfort usually subsides within 1 to two weeks, and most swelling is absent within the first eight weeks.

Liposuction Areas

For many patients, Liposuction has been the go-to procedure resulting in an improved contour and shape. The areas that are predominantly addressed include:

1. The back
2. Flank
3. Abdomen
4. Arms
5. Thighs
6. Even calves and ankles.

Newer Techniques and Equipment

At Precision Aesthetics a number of different liposuction techniques can be combined to optimize results.

SLIMLIPO™ Body-Sculpting Laser technology was developed by Palomar Medical Technologies in the USA and is at the forefront of laser-assisted lipolysis which dramatically minimizes the drawbacks associated with traditional liposuction procedures. The word LASER is an acronym for – Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation and the “SLIM” in SLIMLIPO™ is an acronym for “Selective Laser Induced Melting” of fat.

This system not only melts fat away but allows each patient’s body to be sculpted according to more precise specifications. Most patients return to work a day after the procedure.

Results were noted earlier and postoperative pressure garment time is significantly reduced.

SAFELipo® is combined with PAL(Power assisted liposuction) and SLIMLIPO™ Laser liposuction to:

1. Remove larger volumes of fatty tissue
2. Shorten procedure times to enhance patient safety
3. Define and etch specific areas to enhance with newer techniques
4. Decrease surgeon fatigue
5. Revise previously unevenly performed liposuction

Additional treatments

1. Enhanced results are obtained by using postoperative compressive garments for up to 4 weeks after the operation.
2. Velashape is often recommended to tighten skin after liposuction, especially the inner thigh region and abdomen, although the flanks and all other areas would also benefit from this.

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Source: Dr Vernon Ching – Plastic Surgeon,  Precision Aesthetics

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