hair loss prevention for men


One of the top concerns that men have about ageing is not a surprising one – and it is not memory loss, impotence or wrinkles. Hair loss, which is closely associated with ageing, is a major worrying factor for men, even those who do not yet suffer from this condition, worry about the prospect of looking older with any future hair loss.

Why the concern?

Some statistics indicate that up to 80 percent of men will experience male pattern baldness and while some will feel empowered by their ‘distinguished finish’, others can feel less attractive, as well as older and are more likely to be the victim of jokes from other people. Male hair loss significantly affects the way men view themselves and, even though early signs of it are clearly noticeable, many times it’s not until they are ridiculed about it that they begin to seek advice or treatment. A significantly large proportion of men are negatively affected physically and psychologically.

Some causes of male hair loss

Male pattern hair loss is the most common type of hair loss and typically affects men starting from about the age of 30. Various reasons exist for male hair loss – sometimes it is hereditary, where inherited hypersensitivity to androgens causes the hair follicles to degenerate progressively. Stress or emotional pressure, vitamin deficiencies or hormonal imbalances have all been linked to the loss of hair. All of these could result in a premature transgression of hair from the growth phase to the hair loss phase causing severe hair loss on the entire head. Another common cause of hair loss is as a result of reaction to chemotherapy treatment which inhibits cell growth and affects the activity of hair follicles.

Thymuskin® solutions

Thankfully, with the Thymuskin® range of hair care products, there is a scientifically proven treatment for hair loss. Thymuskin® shampoos, serums, conditioner and hair-treatment gel were developed almost three decades ago in Germany, primarily to assist patients suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy. Today, the products address a variety of hair loss concerns and help to reverse many different types of alopecia (hair loss), to restore hair growth. The products are also reported to help people who suffer hair loss as a result of thyroid conditions, stress, menopause, ageing and other causes.

Thymuskin® products contain the biologically active ingredient GKL-02 complex of peptides and proteins to promote hair reinforcement and scalp coverage. This powerful, stimulating agent improves the supply of nutrients to the cells of the hair follicle (root) during the growth phase, and thus reinforces the hair follicle condition while simultaneously improving the appearance of fine or thinning hair.

Specific solutions for unique hair loss treatments

Depending on the type of hair and/or extent of hair loss, Thymuskin® products have been developed to treat all hair loss conditions. The range has three lines namely Forte, Med and Classic, each containing a shampoo and serum, so you can mix and match products from the different lines, according to your hair concern and type. The Classic range is generally applicable for universal use, it can be used during all stages of hair loss and for all hair types. For significantly stronger hair loss, damaged hair and for patient undergoing chemotherapy, the Forte range has been specifically formulated, while the Med line is ideal for sensitive, dry or long hair and assists in cases of strong hair loss.



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