New Product Partner: Adeor

New Product Partner: Adeor

NuAngle Cares.  We care about the needs of our customers and the needs of our team. We’ve cared about the intimate needs of our patients for 19 years, and now we care for tissue as well.

We found Adeor while travelling in Europe to see distributors and knew instantly that this product shared our values to care for tissue.

Surgeons have been frustrated for years with Bipolar forceps, as the process of coagulating tissue in itself causes unintended damage to surrounding tissue. This is a crucial consideration when doing delicate surgery of the spine and brain tissue. Adeor is a Single-use Bipolar forceps with unique non-stick capabilities due to its solid silver tips, eliminating uncontrolled heat transfer.

Contact NuAngle for more information on the Adeor range and how they can assist with precision coagulation for your next case.


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