New Product Partner: Sonoma

New Product Partner: Sonoma

With an ageing population a reality in South Africa, it is likely that our medical needs are changing year on year. Wound care is a concern for many of our ageing populace, and everyone is looking for a safe, effective solution to treat a variety of wounds whether chronic or acute.

NuAngle has partnered with Sonoma to bring Microdacyn 60, a Super Oxidised Solution with proven safety and efficacy, to market. Microdacyn has the ability to destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores while being totally safe to surrounding tissue. At the same time, it is anti-inflammatory and actively promotes healing.

Even though it has been around internationally since 2004, NuAngle is excited to bring this revolutionary product to South Africa.

Available in a multitude of sizes as well as a Hydrogel, Microdacyn has been used in over 40 countries worldwide and no side effects have ever been reported.

Contact NuAngle for more information on the Sonoma range of products.


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