It’s a new year and we’ve got an exciting new product release to share with you – the NEW ZO® Skin Health Wrinkle + Texture Repair serum. This age-proofing skin repairing product combines powerful ingredients to regenerate collagen and elastin for stronger, firmer, smoother and healthier skin. 

The Sagging Truth

Ageing and certain lifestyle habits can cause collagen and elastin fibres to deteriorate. Collagen and elastin are the protein structures that act as the scaffolding in our skin – it keeps it firm, tight and plump. When our skin is healthy, our skin cells are constantly reproducing new and healthy collagen and elastin. But as we get older and the combination of certain extrinsic factors such as sun damage and smoking, healthy collagen and elastin production decreases and existing fibres become compromised. This causes fine lines to become more prominent and lasting, skin to lose its firmness and finally its ability to bounce back. 

Ingredients Backed by Science

The new Skin Health Wrinkle + Texture Repair serum by ZO® Skin Health contains ingredients that have been intensively researched and tested for their effectiveness in rejuvenating the skin. The vital ingredients that make up this product are: 

  • Retinol (0.5%): Vitamin A is a powerhouse ingredient that stimulates new and healthy cell formation. This means the healthier your skin cells are, the stronger and healthier your collagen and elastin will be. This concentration of retinol delivers rapid results that will address deep wrinkles, loss of firmness and even enlarged pores. 
  • ZPRO®: This specialised complex consists of hydrolysed sericin and Buddleja davidii meristem stem cell cultures, also commonly referred to as butterfly bush. ZPRO® enhances the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid to help prevent future signs of ageing by protecting against cellular damage and collagen degradation. 
  • ZCORE™: This powerful complex strengthens the dermal and epidermal junction of the skin with its formulation of peptides and sweet yellow clover extract. These ingredients have been found to improve skin health and contour while tightening loose skin.
  • Bisabolol: A skin-calming agent that helps minimise irritation and inflammation. 
  • Beta-glucan: An anti-oxidant and skin-soothing ingredient that calms and provides rapid relief, reducing the appearance of skin redness while providing DNA protection and repairing benefits.
  • Glycerin: Replenishes hydration and strengthens barrier function that can become compromised as we get older. 


The high concentration of retinol is delivered via a micronized emulsion system which provides rapid delivery of high-potency vitamin A for enhanced effectiveness. If you are not a regular vitamin A user, introduce this serum slowly to your daily skincare routine as it is potent. As your skin becomes more accustomed to retinol you can apply the serum in the morning and evening under your day or night cream. Always apply a good sun protection product in the morning as part of a healthy skincare routine. We recommend the ZO® Skin Health Smart Tone SPF 50 of Daily Sheer SPF 30. 

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