NuAngle launches the Xpella® product range with an innovative reservoir

After extensive research, engineering and testing, NuAngle is proud to launch the Xpella® Constant Vacuum Drainage Reservoir into the South African market. The Xpella® 300 is the first revolutionary development in closed wound drainage in twenty years.

Active surgical drainage has always struggled with the fact that as soon as the drainage reservoir started filling, the vacuum was gradually lost. Loss of vacuum leads to less than adequate drainage of the wound drainage site, increasing the risk of haematoma and seroma formation. NuAngle identified this a market need and the Xpella® range of product was born, starting with the flagship Xpella® 300.

Xpella® 300 is the only mechanical reservoir able to maintain a constant vacuum from start to finish without utilizing an external power source. Xpella® 300’s patented design feature, the Clever Connectors, ensure that silicone drains remain locked into place, preventing loss of vacuum and contamination from accidental disconnection. Xpella® 300 can securely connect to one or two drains ranging from 10 to 24 French, giving ease of application for any surgeon requiring a constant vacuum.

NuAngle is a proud product partner of the Xpella® brand. Find out more about Xpella® on

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