Inflammation and dehydration are two skin concerns that often go hand-in-hand. The underlying cause for this and many other skin concerns can be traced back to the skin’s acid mantle or better known as the skin barrier. Our skin barrier is an invisible layer made up of skin cells and a lipid matrix which protects […]


Our hair has symbolic meaning, it’s part of our cultural expression and an extension of our personality. What we do, or don’t do, with our hair says as much about who we are as our friends, our music preferences and the books we read. So, it should come as no surprise that when we lose […]


By now, you’ve probably heard of PRP treatments. Celebrities and influencers alike have made these seemingly ‘gory’ treatments Insta-famous and shared all the details either on their tv-shows or social media pages. Despite the bloody coverage, PRP which is short for Platelet Rich Plasma, is an effective treatment used by doctors to treat everything from […]


Your age does not have to determine the health of your skin! Put back the spring into your skin with these three steps to healthy glowing skin: Step One – Cultivate a good skincare routine No matter what age you are, a good skincare routine is the foundation of healthy skin. In our twenties and […]

Baby in Hospital

Changing Lives one Baby Blanket at a time

NuAngle has always believed in family – with our team being central to that family. In June 2019, one of our ‘family’ members reached out to us. One of our team members let us know of a situation at the Klerksdorp hospital, which needed our family to rally to help other families. The heating system […]

Clinical Papers

The Value of Clinical Papers

In our industry, we religiously reference clinical studies to promote our products. While this is very important to establish credibility do you know that not all clinical papers are equal? At best they are a reliable reference that could influence medical practices and at worst a source of disinformation that may ultimately impact negatively on […]

Sonoma Roadshow

NuAngle Takes Sonoma on a Roadshow across South Africa

NuAngle had the opportunity to have the European General Manager of Sonoma Pharmaceuticals as our guest as we showcased the Microdacyn product across South Africa. Bart de Bouwer, Sonoma Head of Sales, was accompanied by the National Sales Manager, Elize van Aardt and NuAngle Director, Lindsay Shahim, as they educated the market on how a […]

New Product Partner: Sonoma

New Product Partner: Sonoma

With an ageing population a reality in South Africa, it is likely that our medical needs are changing year on year. Wound care is a concern for many of our ageing populace, and everyone is looking for a safe, effective solution to treat a variety of wounds whether chronic or acute. NuAngle has partnered with […]

New Product Partner: Adeor

New Product Partner: Adeor

NuAngle Cares.  We care about the needs of our customers and the needs of our team. We’ve cared about the intimate needs of our patients for 19 years, and now we care for tissue as well. We found Adeor while travelling in Europe to see distributors and knew instantly that this product shared our values […]

Upskill Doctor Header

Upskilling South African Surgical Expertise

Doctors spend years qualifying and specialising. Specialising gives the doctor a broad skill set which they can then apply to the specific areas that they are interested in or plan to make a career of. Once established with a practice, surgeons find it important to stay at the forefront of surgical techniques and keep expanding […]