Coloplast® started with the mission of a nurse (Elise Sorensen) to make life easier for her sister who had intimate healthcare needs. Since then Coloplast® has developed medical devices that provide solutions that are sensitive to various very personal and private medical conditions providing patients with improved quality of life.

True to its origin, Coloplast® continues to work towards breaking stigmas surrounding these health care needs and offering improved solutions that are sensitive to the patient’s special needs. They call this Intimate Healthcare. They lead the way by bringing the best ideas first and fast to market in the form of medical devices solutions.

Their focus remains deeply private and personal medical conditions such as interventional urology products for endourology, men’s health, women’s health and speciality interventions. Even though they are one of the top Urology Device Companies, they still have an unrelenting passion to make a real difference to people’s lives and offer world-class products for a variety of conditions such as kidney stones, enlarged prostate, erectile dysfunction, stress urinary incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse.

Coloplast® has been rated one of the world’s most ethical companies, it has been rated as the best in corporate reputation from patient surveys, it continues to win design awards for user experience and aesthetics of its products and has received an environmental award for comprehensive climate and energy work. Proving that they truly do live up to their motto that “Coloplast® Cares”.

NuAngle distributes Coloplast® surgical solutions. If you are looking for Coloplast®’s ostomy/stoma products, please contact the Coloplast® Care Call Centre: 0861 265 675/0861 61 CARE or visit their website



Coloplast® offers a wide range of stone extractors and ureteral stents for the management of kidney stones. They also offer other endourology products such as PCNL products, balloon dilation catheters and nephrostomy kits.


Coloplast® has all the disposable surgical devices needed for Prostate disorders, from biopsy devices to catheters, evacuators and post-operative bags.


Coloplast®’s lower urology products include solutions for bladder outflow obstruction and other urological conditions. Within this category of endourology, the products that address bladder and suprapubic drainage, ureteral strictures and urine voiding.



Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects numerous men and can occur at any stage of life. It is, however, a treatable medical condition and Coloplast® has penile implants as a highly effective and satisfying treatment option. Inflatable or malleable, Coloplast®’s penile implants are manipulated by the patient to produce an effective erection.


Urinary leaking can be embarrassing and debilitating. Coloplast®’s male sling is a minimally invasive and is effective in treating mild, moderate or severe stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in male patients.



If left untreated, women affected by pelvic organ prolapse will get progressively worse over time. Coloplast has the surgical solution in pelvic organ prolapse repair with ultra-lightweight synthetic mesh that can be customised for the patient’s needs.


Affecting numerous women across the globe, Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is a significant health and quality-of-life concern. Coloplast® offers synthetic slings for the surgical solutions for stress incontinence.


We know there is a lot of discussion surrounding the use of gynaecological mesh, and you may have questions about the female pelvic health market and mesh devices as a therapy option.

At Coloplast, we greatly value our patients and physicians. Know that patient safety is our top priority. This also means we are deeply committed to maintaining quality throughout our supply chain. Our gynaecological mesh products are manufactured in the E.U. and U.S. in strict accordance with FDA and International quality and testing standards. Know that Coloplast remains committed to you and Female Pelvic Health therapies. - Steffen Hovard, Senior Vice President, Coloplast


Coloplast also offers niche products for speciality interventions. This includes a suction-irrigation cannula, drainage reservoirs and an innovative stent removal device which can be used to remove implanted stents in the doctor’s rooms.