Our hair has symbolic meaning, it’s part of our cultural expression and an extension of our personality. What we do, or don’t do, with our hair says as much about who we are as our friends, our music preferences and the books we read. So, it should come as no surprise that when we lose our hair it is like losing a part of our identity, whether the loss is expected or unexpected, gradual or sudden.

Today, there are many home-made products and concoctions, that rely on made-up hype and claims to restore hair loss. The media used for these products tap into people’s insecurities and weak spots, taking advantage of their vulnerability. The Thymuskin® product range has undergone extensive research and testing for more than 30 years to help people who experience hair loss to produce new hair growth. It contains the GKL-02 complex of peptides and proteins combined with vitamins A, B, E and F to stabilise the hair condition and provide important vital nutrients for your scalp and hair.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at two of the most sensitive topics regarding hair loss and scalp concern – complete or extensive hair loss and eczema, and which Thymuskin® products are best suited to each concern.

Thymuskin® FORTE for Extensive Hair Loss

Researchers are still trying to fully understand why hair loss occurs. So far, we know, hair loss is an auto-immune response, but why this affects some and not others, as is the case with androgenetic alopecia or hereditary baldness, is still unknown.

The Thymuskin® ranges are specifically formulated to counteract the negative immune response that attacks hair follicles at a cellular level and reactivate hair growth. The Thymuskin® FORTE Range is ideal for those that have struggled with long-term hereditary hair loss or those that have experienced hair loss as a result of chemotherapy. The FORTE Range contains +100% of the GKL-02 active complex and an additional extra high level of premium caring conditioners to compensate for supply deficiencies, which is usually the case in long term problems. Regular use of the FORTE Shampoo and Serum leads to a rapid normalisation so that healthy hair can start to regrow.

Thymuskin® Regeneration for Inflamed, Itchy and Scaly Skin and Scalp

Inflamed, Itchy and scaly prone skin is another auto-immune disease which can also harm an individuals’ mental and physical well-being. Those that have it try to avoid the subject as best they can to avoid embarrassment. However, people that do experience and suffer from this condition on their scalp struggle to hide and avoid the subject as it causes scaly patches, red skin, dandruff and in some instances, hair loss.

The new Thymuskin® Regeneration Scalp Shampoo is specifically formulated for those that suffer from scaly, dry and itchy patches on their scalp. The descaling Scalp Shampoo contains an anti-inflammatory agent to calm redness, the GKL-02 thymus peptides to feed and strengthen the skin against the inflammatory responses, as well as willow bark extract with salicylic acid which is best known for its gentle exfoliation properties. The combination of these ingredients works synergistically together to soothe, treat and exfoliate the skin rash for improved scalp care.

To find the most suitable Thymuskin® products for you, please visit our online hair assessment tool and shop the products online here.

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