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Our eyes are a key facial feature and customarily reveal a lot about who we are.  Unfortunately, because the skin under the eyes is prone to dryness, dark circles, puffiness and fine lines, what is often revealed is that we will look tired, aged, and just not our best. This is because the skin in this area is particularly delicate and vulnerable to changes in your body, making it sag or puff. To add fuel to the fire, the more we age, the thinner this skin under the eye becomes, making discolouration even more obvious. Fortunately, most aesthetic brands under the DermaGuru umbrella include a specialised product or treatment for this very skin concern.

Personalised Cell Therapy under the eye

If your preference is for something more natural, then Arthrex personalised cell therapy is the obvious choice. This revolutionary treatment is a Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) procedure which uses your own body’s healing substances and growth factors to treat problem areas. This is done through the separation of the blood’s components, keeping the plasma for injection/needling into the treatment area, which ultimately stimulates the regeneration of cells and collagen. For the skin under the eye specifically, personalised cell therapy helps to fill any volume deficits under the eye, tightens the skin and helps to thicken the epidermis, all of which help to plump the skin for a more youthful and healthier appearance.

Continuous protection and repair

 ZO® Skin Health also comes to the rescue with its Intense Eye Créme, a formula containing stabilised retinol and advanced peptides which boost collagen production, thereby strengthening the skin and minimising fine lines and wrinkles. Other benefits  are that it provides continuous hydration to restore a soft and supple look, as well as helping to even skin tone and protect against free radical damage. A unique element of the Intense Eye Créme is the presence of optical diffusers which highlight the eye area and reduce the appearance of dark circles. This remarkable formula thus protects and works continually to repair the delicate skin under the eye.

Correction and protection

Another highly effective option is the Total-Eye™ 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy from Colorescience®.  Containing a variety of powerful clinical ingredients, Total-Eye™ provides an under-eye corrector, a restorative crème and a UV protector all in one combined product.  Its neutral peach tone brightens the eye and immediately corrects dark circles, while the cooling applicator helps to reduce any puffiness around the eye. By hydrating the skin, the formula provides support  which improves skin firmness and helps to restore skin health, resulting in less dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.  As a chemical-free, 100% mineral SPF35, Total-Eye™ protects the under-eye skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays as well as other environmental stressors that contribute to skin ageing. As is usually the case with Colorescience® products, Total-Eye™ is also a perfect skin primer for the application of other make-up.

All of these options can be used individually or in combination with one another to ensure optimal results.  Either way, and whatever one’s choice, by treating our delicate under-eye skin effectively, we can be confident that we’re putting our best eyes forward.

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