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Upskilling South African Surgical Expertise

Doctors spend years qualifying and specialising. Specialising gives the doctor a broad skill set which they can then apply to the specific areas that they are interested in or plan to make a career of.

Once established with a practice, surgeons find it important to stay at the forefront of surgical techniques and keep expanding on their skills specifically in their chosen niche. The world of medicine is constantly changing, adapting, evolving. And although now qualified as a surgeon, doctors will need to change, adapt and evolve with the patient needs, the industry trends and the new technologies.

It becomes a challenge for surgeons to get hands-on, practical training which exposes them to new technologies but will not take them away from their patient or their practice for too long. Surgeons often look to surgical workshops to offer training that will give them the level of exposure that they require.

Surgical workshops expose surgeons to surgical expertise from local or international surgeons with solid surgical knowledge, matched with practical application. Surgical workshops can be done with assisted surgeries on patients, on fresh cadavers or even using nearly live surgical videography.

NuAngle is passionate about learning and exposing South African surgeons to the latest techniques and technologies. To this end, NuAngle often partners with local and international surgeons to present surgical workshops to South African doctors.

If you are interested in attending NuAngle’s next surgical workshop, contact us for opportunities in your area.

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