Summer is here and, with it, that feeling of excited anticipation for carefree beach holidays, ocean swims and outdoor fun. The common denominator is loads of sunshine and, naturally, that means the need for complete sun protection to maintain your overall skin health. This is where Colorescience continues to be such a versatile and leading brand, offering treatment make-up for the skin which includes a broad-spectrum sunblock with excellent coverage.

Holistic Holiday Protection

One of the key elements in most Colorescience products is a UV protector which delivers non-chemical sunscreen protection as well as added defense from environmental stressors. The Sunforgettable Brush-on Sunscreen SPF30 is a self-dispensing mineral powder sunscreen that you can brush on easily or reapply over makeup, and is suitable for all members of the family. No more greasy sunscreens and bulky bottles in your purse or beach bag, as this Brush-on Sunscreen is a small, lightweight container that can go everywhere with you.

Because this is a powder form of sunscreen, it is so easy to use and much more comfortable and convenient for people and families on the go. One simply has to sweep the brush over the face and body to release the powder, and reapply at least every two hours for effective protection. Ingredients include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which provide non-irritating protection and thus makes the sunscreen suitable for all types of skin, even sensitive ones.

Other products that are perfect additions to your holiday bag include Colorescience’s Daily UV SPF30 Whipped Mineral Sunscreen, also a non-greasy formula that is water resistant for 40 minutes, and the Lip Shine SPF35, which comes in various colours and offers effective UV protection for your lips.

More Protection from Mineral Make Up

UV protection is inherent in most of Colorescience’s products including foundations, skin enhancers and make up, making it a truly versatile brand for all your skin health needs whilst on holiday and in the sun. Colorescience’s mineral make up means that it is made up of naturally occurring inorganic materials that reflect the sun’s UV radiation – so an extra measure of protection as you head outdoors. Not to forget its non-clogging benefits for clearer skin.

Skin Care and Beauty Combined

Colorescience’s belief that SPF should be part of both your skin care and beauty routines from start to finish, is clearly the driving force behind its success in our sunny summer climate. It is now so simple to ensure you’re receiving proper protection by including SPF in every layer of your skin care and also for all members of the family. Thanks to these offerings, versatility and simplicity can characterise our sun protection this summer.

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