MeOur range of post-operative wound drainage solutions consists of
Active drains (under suction), Passive drains (gravity dependent), as well as a bulb-shaped reservoir.  

The Coloplast male sling is a minimally invasive quadratic-designed sling for treatment of mild to severe stress urinary incontinence (SUI) in male patients.


Making life easier
Coloplast has been making life easier for men with erectile dysfunction for over 35 years.

Our innovative products and services help meet different kinds of needs, from the simplicity of a one-piece, implantable penile prosthesis to our advanced ® three-piece inflatable penile prostheses (IPP).


Malleable Penile prosthesis

The malleable penile prosthesis not only offers simplicity for surgeons, but is also a simple solution for patients with finger or hand dexterity issues, hand muscle fatigue or limited reach and range of mobility.


  • Unique four-arm approach
  • 100% monofilament polypropylene mesh resists traction and allows complete tissue ingrowth
  • Introducer (supplied with male sling system) facilitates proper positioning during surgery
  • Provides both ventral urethral elevation and distal compression, providing for an elongated urethral compression
  • No bone screw


Every year approximately 20,000 men worldwide reclaim their sexual relationships by using this kind of device.

Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

Coloplast offers the Titan® family of Inflatable Penile Prosthesis (IPPs) for those men that need surgical intervention. The products are designed to be surgically implanted in the penis for the management of erectile dysfunction.

  •  Touch pump: one touch of the deflate button allows for easy deflation of the device¹  
    • The Bioflex® material of the cylinders allows for unmatched cylinder strength, girth and rigidity¹
    • Reduced risk of auto-inflation with Lock-out valve on the Cloverleaf reservoir¹
    • Hydrovantage® coating to allow a physician to use the aqueous solution of their choice to minimize infection risk and aid in surgical placement²
    • Zero degree angle proximal base input tubing for ease of surgical placement¹
    • Soft molded tip designed for optimal anatomic positioning¹
    • Tubing length varies depending on length of cylinder to allow for proper pump placement